Self Inflicted Branding

Complete branding for an independent film produced by Monica Zinn.  The film addresses the topic of self harm and hopes to raise awareness and educate people on the subject.

The goal of the project was to avoid the typical imagery that's associated with self harm and create a soothing visual identity for the film that welcomes and calms the viewer. The color blue was chosen due to it's calming hue, while the logo features an androgynous face to make it easily relatable. 

Self Inflicted is the product of three years of research and work devoted to unravelling the stigma surrounding Non Suicidal Self Injury (NSSI), a practice used by many to cope with emotional distress. It follows the stories of three people who have all used NSSI to cope with suffering in their life; some used NSSI for a year or less, and some for over 25 years. Narrated with beautiful poetry, captivating imagery and a powerful score, Self Inflicted is one of the most informative and compassionate pieces on NSSI today.
— Monica Zinn